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CB Newsletters
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Announcements and Updates:


Once again the very important month of March is upon us. Its almost Easter and our HOA semi-annual meeting is only one month away. At the our upcoming meeting, we will elect four new members to the Board of Directors. The terms for Bradley Avedon, Terry Williams, Bruce Lindley and I will expire in April. Each of these positions are for a two year term. Denielle Strader currently serves as the HOA secretary and her term does not expire until April 2014.

We all want to thank Brad, Terry and Bruce for their untiring service to the board.


If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors please contact a current board member. And of course please make sure you attend our semi-annual meeting on April 22, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. at the First Christian Church located at 10100 N Garnett Rd, Owasso, OK 74055 . We will conduct our regular meeting along with the board election. Your presence at the meeting will ensure we have a quorum and will also give you an opportunity to hear updates and voice your opinion on important issues.


As we begin to approach the summer months, some of our neighborhood teens have expressed an interest in money making opportunities. We would like to compile a list of names of individuals who provide services (i.e. baby-sitting, lawn clean-up and maintenance). If you have a teen who is interested in this type of work let us know. At the meeting, we will discuss how best to share this information without compromising the privacy of anyone offering service.

Treasurer’s Report:

Our projected income level for 2013 appears sufficient to meet expected expenses for 2013. Our 2013 expenses to date are in line with last year. We have expected operating cash income of $83,000 and expected operating expenses of $75,000.

On reserve, we currently have $44,331 in the operating account. The 2010 special assessment account has been closed with the completion of the intended projects. The remaining $4,271.41 in the special assessment account was transferred to the operating account. The reserve in the operating account is currently earmarked for impending road repairs.

In case you are not aware, monthly dues should be sent to:
Clear Brook HOA
P.O. Box 2004
Owasso, OK 74055

Please pay your dues on time or in advance to avoid the $10/month compound penalties and accounting fees! DeAngela Callison (918) 301-1100 ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), our accountant, can answer questions about your account. If you are not sure what amount you should be paying, DeAngela can assist with that as well.

Again, we look forward to seeing all of you at next month’s important semi-annual meeting and election.


2013 Clear Brook HOA Board

Newsletter- 2012 May
CB Members - CB Newsletters



MAY 2012




We survived a mild winter and a fairly pleasant spring, so far.  We are, however,  bracing ourselves for a scorching hot summer.  As you can see, we have been busy trying to maintain and improve the beauty of our unique neighborhood.  This newsletter will provide updates and notice of upcoming events. 


As you know, our board is made up of volunteers.  We are fortunate to have committed volunteers who serve untiringly to make sure Clear Brook business and operations are run smoothly.  We would like to extend a big thank you to Bridget Boone who has served as secretary for the board for the past two years.  Bridget’s term expired in April.  She has served us well.  Thank you Bridget.


At the April semi-annual homeowner’s meeting, we elected a new secretary.  We are now welcoming Denielle Strader who was elected and agreed to serve.  Thank you Denielle.


Gate Entry


As part of the projects outlined to be covered by the 2011 special assessment, we installed a new high definition camera system. The new camera system can be viewed by home owners by typing the following into their web browser. then type into user name: resident and type into password: clearbrook. Happy viewing!!!

We have also installed a new system for the entrance gate. We are eliminating the need for remotes to access the entry gate. Your entrance will be activated by a sticker which you may place in the lower left hand corner of your windshield on your car. Also available are access cards that can be presented to the key pad or pike pass reader or a key fob that is simply a smaller card that can attach to your key chain. When you approach the guard house, the sensor will detect your sticker or if you don’t have a sticker you can present the card or key fob to the key pad and the gate will open. For the past several weeks, board members have used the devices and have spent time troubleshooting. We are now ready to distribute stickers and/or key fobs to each of you. We will also collect remotes at that time. For each remote that you return, you will receive one sticker or key fob. You may purchase additional stickers or key fobs for $5.00 each. We are scheduled to distribute access devices at the entrance on May 23rd from 6-7 and on May 26th from 9-10.  Otherwise you may contact Brad at (918) 406-2262 to arrange a time to get your device.



Parade of Homes


We are excited about the upcoming parade of homes which is scheduled for June   16th-24th.  The featured home is the 3 story residence now for sale on lot 2 immediately to the north of the entrance.  We are hopeful that the parade of homes will attract many visitors who will be interested in not only the featured home but other houses and lots within Clear Brook.  Although we expect visitors within the neighborhood during this time we are doing what we can to ensure the visitors do not invade the privacy and personal space of our residence.



Clean-up Effort/Volunteers Needed


In preparation for the parade of homes, we are organizing a clean-up group.  We are seeking volunteers and request that you contact    Bruce Lindley 713-505-5689 if you are interested in helping with miscellaneous lot clean up or parade activities.  The projected date for clean-up is June  9th.


“Calling All Lot Owners”


Fortunately, we’ve had a wet spring which means there is lots of new growth.  Many lots are overgrown at this time and must be mowed.  Please make sure you mow your lot and are in compliance with the Clear Brook covenants which states owners must keep lots mowed at least 100 feet from the street.  Lots should always be properly maintained in order to preserve the beauty of Clear Brook.  Please make sure you are in compliance, especially before the June Parade of Homes.  Contact Brad Avedon 918-406-222 to arrange brush mowing if you don’t have a lot mowing contractor.   




We need you!  If you have not already signed for your approval of the amendments to the Clear Brook covenants you need not wait any longer.  Please contact a board member and we will facilitate getting your signature with a notary on site.  If you have not reviewed the proposed amendments and would like to do so, you may access them on our website.


Architecture Committee


If you are planning to build or make improvements, please remember your plans must be approved prior to commencement of construction.  Pursuant to our governing covenants, the architecture committee must approve your plans to ensure you are in compliance.  To arrange for review of plans, please contact Terry Williams.   


Homeowner’s Dues


Our current income level for 2012 appears sufficient to meet expected expenses for the rest of the year. Excluding the 2010 "Special Assessment" budget/expenses, we have an actual cash basis income of $81,000/year vs. expected expenses of $80,000.


We currently (April 2012) have $18,441 in the operating account and $7,706 in the special assessment account.  The special assessment account will be depleted when the entry gate upgrade is complete. 


Just a reminder that monthly assessments (dues) are paid in advance and are due by the 5th of each month and considered late if not received by the Clear Brook Homeowners Association by the 15th day each month.  The current assessment is $50.00 for each lot (or adjacent lot pair) which does not have a residence thereon and $80.00 for each lot on which a residence is constructed, both subject to change.  If payments are late, a compounding $10 is added to delinquent dues for each month late.  As a cost saving measure, we do NOT send out invoices, until dues more than two months late.  Since this compounding penalty can quickly add up, please pay your dues on time.


Please send monthly assessments to the Clear Brook Homeowners Association, P.O. Box 2004, Owasso, OK  74055, or better yet, arrange an automatic monthly bill pay for your lot(s) through your bank.  

Newsletter - 2011 July
CB Members - CB Newsletters


Clear Brook Newsletter /  July 2011




Dear Members,

By all accounts, we are having a good summer in-spite of the high temperature. This quarter marks the beginning term for our new board members listed below:

President: Joel-lyn McCormick This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (405)641-2101

Architecture: Terry Williams This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (630)346-6941

Treasurer: Bruce Lindley This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (713)505-5689

Security/Maintenance: Bradley Avedon This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (918)376-4520

Secretary: Bridget Boone This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (918)272-3325

Our great neighborhood would not be what it is without the service of committed volunteers. On behalf of the entire neighborhood, we wish to applaud the outgoing board members Tim Hoit, Jim Langster, Chris Carter and Jeff Piotrowski, for their dedication and diligence in serving Clear Brook. The membership should be please to know that there has been a smooth transition thanks to the assistance of outgoing board members who continue to assist the newly elected board members in their respective responsibilities. We are all thankful for Bridget Boone, who continues to serve on the board as secretary.

Over the past few months, we have focused on priorities as follows:

 Special Assessment Expenditures

It has not been a year since the special assessment was voted upon and imposed. The assessment was discussed and voted on at the October 11, 2010, meeting. However, a majority of the projects for which the special assessment was imposed have been completed.


•1 Entry Gate Opener – $5,400 – In progress

•2 Road Repair – $3,000 – complete, on budget

•3 Security Cameras – $7,000 – In progress

•4B Creeks/Ponds (dam repair and dredging all four ponds) – $13,500 – complete, on budget

•5 Front Pond – $1,500 – complete, on budget

•6 Undeveloped Lots Not Maintained – $2,000 – March 2011 activities complete, on budget

As you may recall, it has been challenging to keep the waterways properly maintained. Our ponds/creek contractor has struggled to keep our waterways aesthetically pleasing. Since the special assessment, the contractor has addressed the shallowness of the creek ponds along Clear Brook and the pond at the intersection of Clear Brook and Woodhaven. The two back ponds were deepened and an aerator was installed in the front pond. You should have noticed the waterways are more scenic. There continues, however, to be a problem with the pump in the waterfall which resulted in an unusually high water bill in June and July.

New gate openers were installed. However, we still need to install conduit from the guardhouse to the gate operators, which will require removing and replacing some concrete. This should improve our ability to correctly communicate with the gate operating software to eliminate some of the ongoing problems with gates not opening, etc.

Improvements to the security system are also part of the special assessment. Security continues to be a top concern. Our current video equipment is ten years old. The plan is to replace the current system with an updated system, which will provide greater security and more accurate information, therefore improving our overall neighborhood security. Installment of the security system is pending completion of conduit from the guardhouse to the gate operators.

 Lot Maintenance

Several months ago, through our legal counsel, we began an effort to get all lots within compliance. A significant number of lot owners positively responded by

mowing their lots. We are working with legal counsel to update the list of lot owners not in compliance. We strive not only to maintain Clear Brook’s aesthetic appeal but to improve it.

Lot maintenance is especially important. Since we are well past the season of heavy rain, we encourage all lot owners to make sure your lots are within covenant provisions. It is the home/lot owner’s responsibility to monitor their own compliance with the covenants. We respectfully request that you monitor the condition of your lot(s), rather than waiting for notification of a violation to address compliance issues. Mowing your lot assists in maintaining Clear Brook’s natural beauty. If you are unable to maintain your lot, please contact a other board member so we can assist. We are here to serve.

 Weekend Security

In the past, we have employed security for Friday and Saturday nights. It appears that we are not presently experiencing a glaring problem with vandalism and/or trespassers. Our assessment is based on the fact that we have not had any incidents reported. If you are aware of any problems with vandalism and/or trespassers please let us know so we can reassess the need for security.

 Maintenance of Common Areas

You may have noticed three large trees along the entrance, which are dead or dying. As well, during recent storms, there were a significant number of trees or limbs blown down throughout the common areas. We are working on getting the dead trees and downed limbs removed. We have selected a contractor out of 4 bids who started removing downed trees and limbs. Expect to see more progress toward tree removal within the weeks to come.

 Dover Pond Emergency Exit

Dover Pond’s emergency exit is just to the north of the exit gate. Gravel was recently removed from that area. The plan is to place sod in that area. However, this will also require us to expand the sprinkler system in order to maintain the appearance of the sod. Once the sod is laid, the area will be less conspicuous, a shared desire of both Dover Pond and Clear Brook residents.

As we undergo this process we are also reviewing a current agreement with Dover Pond, which needs to be updated. We would like for the agreement to include language regarding the cost of maintenance and upkeep. Legal counsel

is drafting an updated agreement, which will require Dover Pond to share the cost of maintenance for the emergency exit.

 Covenant Amendments

Approximately one year ago, there was an endeavor to contact property owners regarding proposed new covenants. As soon as the temperature drops to a more comfortable level, we will resume this effort by making personal contact with each property owner in referenced to the proposed covenants. Obviously, we seek everyone’s input. We encourage anyone with questions about the proposed covenants to contact a board member to discuss your concerns or questions. We are committed to improving our covenants in order to protect individual investments as property owners as well as the neighborhood at-large.

 Clear Brook Website

The Clear Brook HOA website (http://clearbrookowasso.com) has been updated. You will find the updated website a bit of an advertisement aimed at the general public on first entry. But by logging in with your existing USER account or creating a new one, you will have access to information and news intended for Clear Brook owners only. There is also a section intended for Clear Brook Board members only. The changes reflect the desire to provide up-to-date Clear Brook public, restricted, and board communications. The intent is to bolster HOA communications and highlight the advantages of living in Clear Brook for the general public and possible buyers.

Below is a summary of Clear Brook HOA website changes. Some items are still under construction. If you have suggestions, comments, inclusions, enhancements, please send them to our web administrator at mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Highlights of changes:

Public Access

 Community – information about Owasso

 Map – map of Clear Brook showing streets

 Photos – seasonal photos submitted by HOA members

 About Us – general description of Clear Brook and website

 FAQs – frequently asked questions by public

 Contact Us – automated link to web secretary/board

 Property for Sale – links to Zillow map of lots and houses for sale, as well as separate document of property availability as maintained by user input and web administrator, link to lot plats of Clear Brook’s 129 lots.

HOA Members

 Newsletters

 Dues requirements (dues, penalties)

 Common Vendors (important phone numbers, identified contractors, baby sitters, lawn service, etc.)

 Clear Brook Contacts (BOD, security, police, fire)

 Deed restrictions (active)

 FAQs – for members only

Board of Directors only

 BOD workspace

 BOD Operational Guidelines

 Board of Directors minutes/news

 Financial Report

Excluding the 2010 "Special Assessment" budget/expenses, we have normal budgeted income of $87,000 and expected expenses of $82,000. Items being closely watched - high waterfall water bills for last two months, possible security service costs, seasonal special expenses (sand, road clearing). Also we may need to remove some dead trees in the common areas and perform more road repair.

Most of the Special Assessment tasks have been completed within budget. The entry gate repairs ($5,400), security cameras upgrade ($7,000), and supplemental repair of two leaking clear brook road ponds have yet to be done.

This budget appears sufficient to meet this year's expense with a little cushion. In addition, the Special Assessments expenses are on track. Therefore we do not expect a need to change our current monthly dues assessment rates in 2011. The Board obtains quarterly budget to actual comparisons to ensure we stay on track throughout the year.

 Automated Bill Pay for HOA Dues

Have you ever forgotten to pay your dues by the 15th deadline and thereby received penalty and accounting fees? Are you uncertain if you have paid Clear Brook Homeowner’s dues for previous months? Would you like to save stamps and checks? Would you like to do your part to run Clear Brook HOA cost effectively? If so, then why not enroll in your own bank’s Online Bill Pay system for paying your Clear Brook HOA monthly dues?

"Online Bill Pay" or Automated Bill Pay is available with most banks. "Online bill pay" is free to you and Clear Brook, is easy to set up, and can be done as scheduled or manual transactions. With Online Bill Pay your bank simply sends a paper check to our PO Box prior to the 15th of the month. About 1/3 of the Clear Brook residents already use this method of dues payment. Unfortunately, we cannot accept debit or credit card payments. Our bank accounts are not set up for cards, not all cards would be acceptable, and the fees are prohibitive.

If you do decide to set up the Online Bill Pay, our Treasurer would be happy to assist you. Note that our accountants don't use an account number for our records; rather they use Account Name and Account Address.

Please pay your dues on time or in advance to avoid the $10/month compound penalties and account fees! Rebecca Kindle (918 301-1100 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), our accountant, can answer questions about your account. If you are not sure what amount you should be paying, Rebecca can assist with that as well.

Timely payment of homeowner dues is imperative to our ability to maintain a top quality housing addition. For everyone’s convenience, the mailing address for all HOA related business, including dues, is as follows:

Clear Brook Home Owners Association

PO Box 2004

Owasso, OK 74055

Newsletter - 2011 January
CB Members - CB Newsletters






Clear Brook December/January 2011 Newsletter:



Best wishes to everyone for the New Year.  Our thanks to the following families for helping with the Christmas gate decorations:  Birdsongs, Wingos, Boones, Piotrowskis, and Hoits.  Special thanks to the Hoits for their prompt removal of the decorations before the bad weather arrived.


In regards to the special assessment passed in November 2010, approximately 80% of the funds have been collected amounting to approximately $30,000.  Those funds are set aside in a separate bank account so as not to comingle funds with our normal operations.  Our account, Muret, CPAs, is maintaining that account in the same manner as our operating account.  For those of you that have not yet paid please be advised of the $10/month late fees.  Also there are a few members behind on dues.  While this is a very minimal number, some of the amounts are adding up.  It is the fiduciary duty of the Board to collect these dues.  If payments are not received in a timely manner, which includes the recent special assessment, we must utilize our only feasible remedy to fulfill these duties which is filing liens at each member’s expense which will continue to compound with applicable interest and penalties.


To update you on the progress of the various projects that were approved:


           The special assessment for street repairs has already been completed.  We extend our thanks again to Phillips Construction for an excellent, timely and economical job. 


           The front gate openers have been installed and are now operational again, which should improve the safety of, and reduce traffic in the neighborhood.


           The special assessment for the camera system upgrade is in progress.  We are obtaining bids on both equipment, and boring/concrete work at the entryway that will be part of the project, some of which will be done in conjunction with the gate entry operator repair.


           The special assessment related to the creeks ponds commenced mid-December.  The excavator and Ponds RX anticipate starting then due to the availability of special equipment.  Later this spring the project will be completed.  It includes both damn repairs on the four small ponds indicated below the back big pond, and dredging of those four small ponds.    


           The special assessment related to the front pond at Clear Brook Road and Woodhaven will probably commence in early 2011 as there is no need during the winter months.


The special assessment related to unmaintained lots is in progress.  Undeveloped lots have steadily declined over the past couple of years to the 2007 ice storm, 2008 flood, normal tree decline, etc.  These issues have created safe havens for wildlife such as poisonous snakes and other animals, nuisances for members and guests, among other things.  In an effort to remedy this issue, lot cleanup letters were recently distributed are in the process of going out to EVERY member with an empty lot.  While many of you have taken great care of your lot(s) over the years, we wanted to make sure that everyone was notified of the options available.  The Board has agreed upon three options to ensure Clear Brook undeveloped lots are maintained now and going forward, while providing as much flexibility and service as possible.  These options include:


1.         Executing the Lot Maintenance Contract between the HOA and the member to allow the HOA to maintain the member’s lot(s) and invoice the member for those services,

2.         Self-maintaining the lot(s) by the member, or

3.         The HOA utilizing available legal remedies as approved at the November 2010 HOA meeting for lots that continue to be out of compliance, which will likely not start this month.


For those of you that have recently cleaned up your lots—Thank you!


We had another gate hit in November, which we were fortunate to collect the repair costs thanks to our camera system, as well as a neighbor witnessing the hit.  The contractor, as usual, did not contact the HOA to take responsibility.


The general fund remains lower than we would like and we are looking into maintenance cost savings—more to come on that.  However, in the interest of the operating fund balance, we have temporarily postponed the security guard.  They have done a great job, and we do plan to resume their services as early as possible.


We will be organizing a neighborhood cleanup day sometime in the Spring for various projects, including the rocks near the intersection of Bonney Bridge and Clear Brook Road that children have moved and no one has repaired on their own..


The voting on New Covenants will cease January 31, 2011.  We estimated at the April meeting it would take about six months, had hoped for three, but realized the difficulty of reaching so many people which has taken us to year-end.  At this point we are about 15 lots short of approval with more than enough verbal commitments for passage.  If you have verbally agreed to sign the covenants and just have not done so yet, please do so by the deadline.  Otherwise, this same effort will require more time and money to complete by subsequent Boards.  We greatly appreciate everyone's diligence in this matter.  We are pleased to know that only four lot owners have indicated they would not sign the proposed covenants.  We knew going into the covenants re-write that the biggest challenge is the fact that we are not fully developed yet, and consequently don’t have as many members as we would like to have plugged into neighborhood activities/needs such as covenants revisions.  Of those received, the overwhelming majority are in favor.  However, with many members not living in the addition and out of state, it has been very difficult to get the necessary 2/3 approval.  If these proposed covenants are not passed we will forward the information gathered to the 2011 Board taking over in March 2011 for their review and future plans.  Again, we strongly believe that these new covenants are necessary to get our covenants up to date with similar neighborhoods, provide economical and efficient ways to resolve neighborhood matters, clarify covenants to avoid misunderstandings, and to minimize the probability of any serious issues in the future.   If these proposed covenants are not passed, the primary remaining option for resolving issues in the future will be costly legal recourse, which each owner will share.  Likely the HOA would prevail and any costs would be refunded by the other party, but that is an unknown in each case.


Dover Pond’s emergency exit interconnects Clear Brook road just inside our neighborhood gates due to a written agreement years ago.  They have not really had a need to use it in years, and it should continue to be a rare occasion.  However, they are currently undergoing some road repairs on 1/3 of their streets which will begin mid-December and go thru mid-February.  Some of that repair effort will close off access to their entry/exit gate for some residents.  During those few days that may occur periodically during that repair period, those residents will be required to utilize their emergency exit.  You may have noticed they recently laid some unsightly gravel from their emergency exit gate, to Clear Brook road; about 20 feet right near our exit gate.  We are working with their Board to ensure we provide them effective access to that emergency exit, including a temporary gate code into Clear Brook, but also a resulting aesthetic correction for Clear Brook residents after the road repair is complete.  So, please be patient, it may be early spring before it is cleaned up.


As a reminder about our winter weather road conditions, we have heated streets on the entry hill near the waterfall, on Glen Ellen, and on Bonney Bridge.  The Board is diligent about turning those on only when necessary due to minimize costs, but each member should be reminded that this is not fool proof.  Roads may inadvertently not be turned on in time, or they may be problems the operation of the heating system.  So, as a reminder, each member or guest should be encouraged to use the back emergency exit in inclement weather, but if a member or guest chooses to drive any steep streets, they should use their own judgment as to whether it is safe to pass or not regardless of heating element proper operation or not.  We will again be paying our contractor to clear and sand streets, including the hill on 96th street between Clear Brook and Dover Pond assuming the county has not already taken care of it.


New officers will be elected at our March meeting.  The Board was originally set up for staggered two year terms.  However, only one of the first Board members served out a two-year term.  Bridget Boone, Secretary, will remain Secretary, but we will need to elect President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Architectural Chairs.  We will begin taking nominations now through the meeting.  Please consider serving your community.  If you have an interest in serving on the Board, please contact any current Board member for further information about the duties and responsibilities of each position.  Much has been done by the first two Boards to make serving an easier task.  We have already heard of a few people that are interested.  There is also the option of electing more Board members in order to spread out the work load.  It has been the goal of this board to address as many issues as possible in order for there to be fewer issues for each new board as time goes on. 


Your Clear Brook Board of Directors


Tim Hoit, President, 728-0172, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Jim Langster, Vice President, 521-4141, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Chris Carter, Treasurer, 724-1240, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Jeff Piotrowski, Architecture, 906-0427, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bridget Boone, Secretary, 520-2318, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it